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We are the only full ‘measure and install’ company selling these unique shutters in the Benelux. We design, manufacture and install shutters that are unrivalled in terms of quality, design and durability.

Our wood plantation shutters are made from your choice of quality solid hard woods. We use the best available kiln dried wood, manufactured from yellow poplar, phoenix, elm and more. Shutters made from these types of wood are equally hard-wearing and durable, but result in different looks, depending on which style you prefer. We only use wood sourced from FSC certified forests.

Other options are Ecco wood (LDF) for a robust shutter at a lower price, aluminium or kiln dried Red cedar for our outside shutters and fully waterproof polyvinyl shutter for high moisture environments.

Poplar Shutters - What is Yellow Poplar?

Yellow poplar shutters are made from wood harvested from the poplar tree. It has been popular in the manufacture of quality shutters in North America for a number of years.

The poplar tree is very fast growing and provides a smooth and consistent grain that gives your shutters strength throughout. Wooden shutters made from poplar have a lovely smooth finish with minimal marking. All our wood shutters are made from wood that is sustainably sourced.

Which wood should I choose?

We offer multiple choices of real wood, with varying grain effects. It's entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong answer - it's just down to your aesthetic preference and which look you prefer. All our hard wood shutters are equally high quality and are made from wood that is sustainably sourced.

What slat sizes do you offer?

Our shutters are available in a wide variety of slats sizes. You can choose either a 47mm, a 64mm, 89mm or 114mm shutters slat option.

We no longer offer shutters with 32mm slats as most customers found this slat size too fussy. The 32mm slats also block out too much light from the room and the basic principle of good shutter design is to keep it simple - less wood, everything in proportion and keep true to the design and style of the window.

All our wooden shutters are made with the slats being 'true size' which means they have a good 1cm overlap. This provides maximum privacy and minimum light intrusion at night when the shutters are closed.

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